Bengal Partition 1905 and East Bengal


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Bangladesh-India Dialouge
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Bengal Partition 1905 and East Bengal
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Bengali Partition of 1905 is a milestone in Bengali History which had enormous impact on subsequent history. But very few books were published on this subject. Particularly no detailed study has been published on East Bengal or present Bangladesh which was the centre of events during this important period of history. Professor Muntassir Mamoon, the pioneer on history of East Bengal came forward to fill in this void. The book is divided into three parts. In the first part the author discuses the background of the Bengal partition. In this respect special emphasis is given on the people’s reaction on East Bengal which was not discussed earlier. The second part is collection of government documents on Bengal partition. In our country it often becomes difficult for researchers to collect primary documents. This collection can be important source for research. The third part is collection of new/editorials/essays published in two contemporary newspapers of Dhaka, one Bangla and one in English. This is also collected for the first time. As a whole it may be said that the Bengal partition, 1905 and East Bengal is a complete book which will help researchers, students and others.



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