Colonialization of Islam


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Colonialization of Islam

Dissolution of Traditional Institutions in Pakistan
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    What is the social base of Islamization, what norms can be derived from it, what areas are being Islamized, and finally, what is the Islamization all about? These and similar pertinent questions are dealt with in this book. Thus, the theoretical framework developed and elaborated in the first chapter is substantiated by a wide range of data which follow. Islamic ideology as reflected in the Council of Islamic Ideology, the State's policy vis a vis traditional religious structures like endowments (Waqf), religious alms (Zakat) as well as religious schools , their curricula and their students are highlighted,, analysed and discussed in the light of the theoretical approach developed. This pioneering study gives an insight into the different manifestations of Islam, rural and urban social structures, the tussle between modernity and tradition, between colonial and indigenous societies, in short: the struggle between mullas and Colonializing masters. Thus, this thought-provoking work combines theory and empirical data in an area neglected in serious academic work thus far. The Epilogue streamlines the findings, trends and tendencies, thereby indicating new vistas for research.



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