A Journey to Disillusionment


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My Life in Tea
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A Journey to Disillusionment

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This is an outstanding account of Pakistan's political intrigues. In 1954 the Speaker of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, Maulvl Tamizuddin Khan filed a petition in the Chief Court of Pakistan challenging the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly by the Governor-General. Sirdar Sherbaz Khan Mazari discloses in the book how Pakistan's Chief Justice Muhammad Munir 'manipulated' the composition of the Bench to suit the Governor-General in upholding the dismissal of the Constituent Assembly. This decision 'devastated the political structure of Pakistan. It has since been called a momentous ruling, one from which Pakistan has never fully recovered'.Mazari describes in detail the various intrigues and conspiracies resorted to by Yahya's 'Hawk' Generals and how they colluded with Zulfikar Bhutto In 'advocating a hard line against Awami League', the party with majority in 1970 Pakistan General Elections. He goes on to describe how the emergence of Bangladesh became an obvious consequence of the goings-on in the corridors of power in Pakistan of 1971.Though primarily the memoirs of a leading Opposition figure during the Bhutto And Zia eras, the book is also, in part, a history of Pakistan written with an uncommonly frank and original perspective. The author's eventual despair can be determined from the title of this book.The early chapters deal with Sirdar Sherbaz Khan Mazari's career in politics as a young man entering the fray in opposition to the Ayub Khan government, against a background of events that shaped the history of the country. This is followed by an in-depth account of the Bhutto and Zia periods.The book not only makes for a fascinating chronicle but also provides future historians with the necessary hard facts that are the very essence of history. It should be an essential reading for Pakistan watchers. Contents:1. Early Years / 2. 1950s—Years of Disastrous Intrigues / 3. The Ayub Khan Regime / 4. The 1970 Elections and their Tragic Aftermath / 5. Entry of the Civilian Martial Law Administrator / 6. Balochistan and the UDF / 7. Bhutto at the Height of his Power / 8. PNA and the Fateful 1977 Elections / 9. Ziaul Haq and the Revival of Martial Law / 10. MRD and Opposing Zia’s Martial Law /11. Final Years Politics



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