My Life in Tea


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মনোজগতের বিউপনিবেশায়ন
মনোজগতের বিউপনিবেশায়ন
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A Journey to Disillusionment
A Journey to Disillusionment
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My Life in Tea
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University Press Limited
First Published
October 2023
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My Life in Tea tells the story of Anwarul Azim’s years in tea gardens. Interwoven into this beautiful narration is a nostalgic look at old Dhaka from the mid to late 1900s and the war of ’71. Readers will find intriguing the contrasting culture and jargon of the tea-gardens and will learn to appreciate their daily cups of tea with new insight into the effort that goes into providing the perfect hot beverage. Through masterful and often humourous descriptions, the book brings the sepia-tinted Dacca of the 1950s to life and narrates anecdotes about the University of Dhaka, the psycho-social aspects of middle-class families, the effect of the liberation war on the tea-gardens, and the differences between the city-life and the life in the tea-gardens. Through the pages, readers not only get a sense of the beauty of the tea gardens, but also achieve an understanding of the hierarchy that existed, the influence of British culture, and of course, of the people employed there. Most importantly, through this book, the readers will come to recognize and befriend a person who has led a life that has been eventful and adventurous.



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