Safeguarding-Governmentality of the Cultural Heritage


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Safeguarding-Governmentality of the Cultural Heritage

Democratising, Conserving, and Representing the Past(s) of Global South
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"Safeguarding-governmentality" is an analytical tool that provides insight into the relationships between the governmentalisation of cultural heritage, the local inheritors of these cultures, and the state. In this book, it is used to critique the prevailing paradigm of the programmes meant to safeguard cultural heritage in South Asia. Specifically, this study looks at the safeguarding programmes for Mahasthangarh, Paharpur, the Historic Mosque City of Bagerhat in Bangladesh, and Bhaktapur in Nepal, along with the mechanisms of the actors involved. There are also discussions on the safeguarding and preservation of archaeological sites in India and Sri Lanka. The analysis in the book shows that the norms developed by transnational agencies have had dominant influence on the management of these country's cultural heritage. The book also examines the process of repressive power over heritage residents through jurisdiction, and the institutionalisation of the knowledge of cultural heritage and history. The book tries to understand the consequences of making myths irrelevant in the study of history- a practice that has distanced the residents from their heritage. The book adopts an innovative approach to archaeological research. Researchers, students of archaeology, anthropology, history and governance will benefit immensely from this work, and it will lead the way for new research enthusiasts in these fields.



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