Muzharul Islam Architect


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Monsoon Letters: Collection of Poems
Monsoon Letters: Collection of Poems
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National Security Bangladesh 2009
National Security Bangladesh 2009
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Muzharul Islam Architect
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Muzharul Islam is the single most dominant influence on modern architecture in Bangladesh. Fifty-eight years since he started his practice the influence continues. Other than the odd article here and there and references to his projects in others, there has been no major publication of his works. Muzharul Islam gave the first public lecture on his work at BRAC University in May 2002 at the age of 78, when he had almost stopped designing. It was soon after his lecture that a book on his work was conceived. This was not an easy task since nowhere was his work documented. The history of the projects was related mostly by him and some information could be gathered from the people who had worked with him. Fortunately, the drawings of the projects were stored in his office, but quite a lot were missing. This is a well-deserved homage to Bangladesh's master architect. While it may lack the quality expected of the quality of work it displays, there has been no shortage of dedication and care. This book is a gift to Muzharul Islam from all the architects of Bangladesh.



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