Pakistan : Haunting Shadows of Human Security


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Pakistan : Haunting Shadows of Human Security
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This book is an endeavour to bring to the surface some of the seething problems which are intricately related to the underlying understanding of human security issues in Pakistan. The book takes the position that human security in this country is high-strung on the perilous governance structures, and internal and external policies, which have continued to determine the future of the nation and its people since its inception. Embedded in this historical perenniality, each chapter trails through the contours of the past to establish how the lack of a democratically established ideology along with wrongly positioned policies has led to alarming heights of human insecurity and uncertainty. Against the backdrop of the debates generated about harbouring people-centrism, based on the norms and values of human rights, this volume focuses on the South Asian region, particularly Pakistan. Working together towards reconciling the expectations of populations and the goals of states concerning security should emerge as a priority for all stakeholders. Enhancing capacities and gradually and systematically transforming a series of ad-hoc initiatives to more sustained and formidable cooperation is the only hope South Asia has as a region. Pakistan can contribute to it only when democracy returns through a popular government in its true spirit.



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