US-Bangladesh Relations: A Critique


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Turbulence and Tranquillity
Turbulence and Tranquillity
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Under the Krishnachura: Fifty Years of Bangladeshi Writing
Under the Krishnachura: Fifty Years of Bangladeshi Writing
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US-Bangladesh Relations: A Critique
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This book is an effort to deal with various aspects of US-Bangladesh relations. It examines the US attitude towards the struggle for the liberation of Bangladesh and the delay caused by the United States in granting recognition on the pretext that Bangladesh was not yet sovereign because of presence of Indian troops in Bangladesh. The first bilateral agreement was signed between the United States and Bangladesh in May 1972 followed by the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The sending of an envoy by President Nixon in July 1972 also added to the development of a bridge of positive relationship. Mujib adopted a Constitution with a Presidential type of government in 1975, resulting in the ban of opposition political parties. The failure of the government to solve basic problems in the country seriously tarnished the image of Sheikh Mujib. During the Ziaur Rahman regime, there was a significant development in US-Bangladesh relations. The US Army had launched the largest disaster relief operation following Bangladesh's worst natural disaster in 1991. Accordingly, various governments in Dhaka from time to time have been emphasising good relations with the United States of America.



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