Rural-Urban Migration in Bangladesh: Causes, Consequences, and Challenges


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Rural Savings and Credit in Bangladesh
Rural Savings and Credit in Bangladesh
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SAARC and the Superpower
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Rural-Urban Migration in Bangladesh: Causes, Consequences, and Challenges
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This book makes an innovative attempt to generate a greater understanding of the rapid growth of Dhaka City, the deeply entrenched class hierarchy and offers a socio-economic analysis of the slum and non-slum households. It is an important departure from the existing literature in a number of ways. First, it used the latest and recognized sources of secondary materials and population estimates and projections. Second, it makes a thorough and broad-spectrum review of theories on the determinants and consequences of migration. Third, it attempts to supplement the destination-based data with the case study of migrant families and stayers at origin. Fourth, it has also combined different forms of population mobility and examines critically the causes and consequences of migration for different streams of migrants. The work also considers the gender dimension and assesses the impact of migration in determining women's roles and status and goes on to make an institutional analysis to derive policy implications for urban management. The book is destined to become a major reference work for town planners and those involved in urban governance.



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