Bangladesh 2020: A Long-run Perspective Study


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Attacking Poverty with Microcredit
Attacking Poverty with Microcredit
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Bangladesh Agriculture in the 21st Century
Bangladesh Agriculture in the 21st Century
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Bangladesh 2020: A Long-run Perspective Study
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This study presents a vision of Bangladesh in the year 2020. In articulating that vision, the authors - all Bangladeshi scholars - have chosen the path of cautious optimism by recognizing the enormous potentials on which to build a prosperous future, but warning that unless Bangladesh is ftrl1y prepared to face the challenges of a highly competitive world of the 21st century, accelerated growth and poverty alleviation could remain a dream. The challenge - be it in urbanization or human development, in promoting exports or creating a dynamic manufacturing sector, in managing our water resources or building infrastructure for the future quite simply, is to redefine the role of the state from one of control and dominance to one of facilitation and regulation of private enterprise to forge new partnerships between the public sector and the institutions of civil society to institute accountable delivery of public services to ensure the protection of the poor and the environment, and to enforce the rule of law. By thinking clearly about where a nation wants to go, one can make wiser decisions about what to do now. This study is thus and attempt to examine long term possibilities and opportunities in order to help policy makers take better decisions today. It is offered as a first step in what should become an ongoing process of analysis and reflection.



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