Fish, Water and People Reflections on Inland Openwater Fisheries Resources of Bangladesh


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Fish, Water and People Reflections on Inland Openwater Fisheries Resources of Bangladesh
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    Open water fisheries are major aquatic common property resources in Bangladesh. Fish, Water and People are three of the most important ingredients in the life of Bangladesh. Dr. M. Youssouf Ali is a leading fisheries biologist with over five decades of experience as a spokesman for fisheries development in Bangladesh. He critically analyses the trends in the development of agriculture, infrastructure and fisheries. It is a reflection on past experiences, present practices and future trends and threats to the valuable openwater ecosystem and its resources. The book addresses the issues of the aquatic ecosysteids of one of world's largest floodplains, their living resources and their habitat. It analyses the water resources projects, water pollution, status and methodologies of catch assessment and looks at the management issues of openwater capture fisheries. This book presents a picture of the conflicts between the retention of fish habitats and need for croplands and the need for the protection of biodiversity. The book should stimulate the interests of policymakers and scientists interested in ensuring the balanced sustenance of all natural resources of the country. This is a companion volume to Openwater Fisheries of Bangladesh edited by Chu-fa Tsai and M. Youssouf Ali (UPL, 1996).



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