Revealing the Glory of God


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Revealing the Glory of God
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Man is endowed with self-consciousness and free will which are influenced by the forces generated in his brain and shape his individual personality. The Glory of God is revealed in the achievement of man. Scientific and technological knowledge has given man material wealth and power but religion has made him dignified, special and proud of being human. The Glory of God is also revealed in man’s struggle for Good against Evil. The book discusses the recent advances in Science which have given us enough facts for a rational approach and surer path to God. It presents a scientific insight into the Grand Scheme of creation, evolution and maintenance of order in this universe, which reveals the Glory of God, the Creator. The whole is composed of parts through purposeful interaction, union and harmony among them. God has created man to probe into his Grand Scheme and reveal His Glory. The book discusses the origin of life and its physical, chemical and biological machinery. But the Breath of Life is still a mystery beyond the scope of scientific enquiry.



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