Chinua Achebe Voice and Vision


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Chinua Achebe Voice and Vision
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Chinua Achebe: Voice and Vision focuses on the substantial influence that Achebe has had on the literary world for decades now. The book aims to present penetrating insights and scholarly perspectives on Achebe's memorable works, beginning with Things Fail Apart and ending with his memoir and last publication There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra. Significant though it was, we often do injustice by limiting the focus only to his first novel. This volume aims to redress that imbalance and lays the foundation for a new assessment of Achebe's work by tracing the rich and diverse range of his literary output. The essays collected in the book consider Achebe's voice as comprehensively as possible and his vision as an author as articulated in his novels, short stories, essays, lectures, interviews, children's literature, memoir, and poems. The collection testifies to Achebe's impact worldwide and his continuing relevance for all students of literature in English and for those coming to terms intellectually with the ramifications of colonization for postcolonial criticism in particular and literary studies in general.Content



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