Securing Food For All in Bangladesh


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Seeing the End of Poverty?
Seeing the End of Poverty?
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Securing Food For All in Bangladesh
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The availability, access, and consumption of nutritious food is extremely important. Despite declining arable agricultural land, Bangladesh has made substantial progress in boosting domestic food production, improving access to food by increasing household income, and enhancing nutritional outcomes. Nevertheless, the challenges to food and nutrition security remain formidable. Future agricultural growth and food and nutrition security are threatened by population growth, worsening soil fertility, diminishing access to land and other scarce natural resources, increasing vulnerability of crop varieties to pests and diseases, and persistent poverty leading to poor access to food. In addition, the impacts of climate change—an increase in the incidence of natural disasters, sea intrusion, and salinity—will exacerbate food and nutrition insecurity in the coming decades if corrective measures are not taken. In this context, this book presents an array of research that collectively focus on securing food for all in Bangladesh. Specifically, this book has 15 chapters that address four broad issues: (1) agricultural technology adoption; (2) input use and agricultural productivity; (3) food security and output market; and (4) poverty, food security, and women’s empowerment.



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