Human Rights in Bangladesh: Past, Present & Futures


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History of Bangladesh: A Subcontinental Civilisation
History of Bangladesh: A Subcontinental Civilisation
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Human Security in India: Health, Shelter and Marginalisation
Human Security in India: Health, Shelter and Marginalisation
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Human Rights in Bangladesh: Past, Present & Futures
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Denial of basic human rights of any individual is tantamount to denying him the right to live in a civilized world. It suppresses the prospect of creativity of individuals and thus his ability to contribute in nation-building activities. The various rights, such as the right to free political thought gives a person opportunity to think and make appropriate choices towards building of institutions of public policy, which are then able to function fairly and independently.The ongoing discourses and discussions in Bangladesh on the subject of human rights are both desirable and essential in the context of the various violations highlighted in the media. The national print and electronic media have to conduct the debates on human rights in a fair and non-partisan manner.The twelve critical essays and the introduction to the volume are 'must read' materials to all the different players in the issues concerning protection of human rights. They should be regarded as essential readings by those who have aided and abetted the violation of Human Rights by the state.Three issues are central to this volume. First, past, present and futures are all inter-mingled. The struggle for human rights otherwise cannot be limited to a particular time or age. Second, the discourse of human rights in Bangladesh is a civilizational one, and therefore is much older than the contemporary politico-legal formulation of the West. Finally, the exogenous and indigenous discourses of human rights cannot be separated. The notion of post-territoriality is central to human rights. Apart from distinguishing the latter from national rights and compulsions of national sovereignty there is also the issue of learning from and uniting with fellow humans across national boundaries for overcoming domination and ensuring human rights.



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