Company and Securities Laws


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Company and Securities Laws
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This book is both an academic treatise and a practical guide to day-to-day business of shareholders, stock brokers, investors, executives, accounting professionals, lawyers, teachers and students alike. It is a compendium of the company and security laws, rules, regulations, notifications and forms. A unique feature of this pioneering work is its illuminating commentary which makes a searching probe into the Company and Securities Laws of Bangladesh – their working, application, interpretation and shortcomings in the light of a vast number of case laws including those from the English speaking world. It deals with the complexities of the laws and focuses on the central point of protection of rights of all parties concerned, especially of the minority shareholders. In the miasma of current confusion following frequent bankruptcies, inadequate disclosure and stock market turmoil, the shareholders, stock market members, company managers and accountants will find this book handy and useful in finding instant solutions to all their problems.The book has been revised and updated. This Third Edition takes into account the new Supreme Court decisions on company law matters, as well as new laws governing our fast-developing securities regime.



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