Abu on Bangladesh


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Genocide and Number Games
Genocide and Number Games
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My War of Liberation 1971
My War of Liberation 1971
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Abu on Bangladesh

A Collections of Cartoons by Abu

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    English (US)
    1991: Genocide- Torture, Archive & Museum Trust
    First Published
    May 2024

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    The historiography of Bangladesh's Liberation War can be enriched by delving into the unique lens of political cartoons. These cartoons, published worldwide in 1971, offer a diverse range of reports, news, and narratives that are often overlooked in dominant historical narratives. While these narratives typically focus on familiar themes such as the war's backdrop, its conduct, the genocide, and the eventual victory, the Liberation War's scope is far broader and more nuanced. One such overlooked facet is the realm of political cartoons. In 1971, mass media across the globe featured cartoons that vividly illustrated the complexities and dynamics of the war and violence. These cartoons, with their unique ability to distil complex political situations into simple yet powerful images, not only delineated the contours of the war but also reflected the sentiments and perspectives of global civil society. The global solidarity in favour of Palestine seen in conflicts such as the Israel-Palestine dispute was also evident in the overwhelming support of Bangladesh's struggle for liberation by the civil society of that era. Consequently, numerous newspapers served as the 'spokespersons' of civil society, advocating for Bangladesh's cause through their editorial cartoons.



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