Industrial Loan Default: The Case of Bangladesh


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Making of a Nation Bangladesh
Making of a Nation Bangladesh
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The Bangladesh Economy
The Bangladesh Economy
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Industrial Loan Default: The Case of Bangladesh
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This book is first of its kind which deals with industrial loan default problems in developing countries like Bangladesh. It provides an insight into the causes and consequences of persistent loan defaults and examines devastating effect of these on the liquidity and solvency of the banks and development financial institutions, and on the industrial growth in developing nations. It contains a new and thought-provoking model which is very useful in understanding underlying reasons for industrial loan default and provides directions for undertaking proactive and reaction measures to preempt the chances of loan defaults. This book is a landmark work in the field of bank finance. This well-researched book is not only refreshing, but compels the reader to rethink how to diagnose the default problem and how to evolve effective mechanism to place banks and financial institutions on sound footing. This helps create a default-free environment for the advancement of industrial growth in countries like Bangladesh. Mohammad Ziaul Hoque teaches finance at the Sultan Qaboos University of Oman. He is a visiting professor of Trisakti University of Indonesia and International Business Institute, Melbourne, Australia. Earlier, he taught at the RMIT University and Victoria University of Technology, Australia. He obtained his Ph.D. in Finance from Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Hoque worked as Development Banker and Economist for twelve years in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is the Founder-President of Bangladesh Young Economists Association. He is the Editor of Journal of Business and Policy Research. He has authored several books in economics and finance and a number of refereed papers in international journals.



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