Struggle of a Community Leader


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State Language Movement in East Bengal 1947-1956
State Language Movement in East Bengal 1947-1956
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Ten Stories from Islam
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Struggle of a Community Leader

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How to organize rural people for development? Azizur Rahman Patwari of Panchagram shows the way. Integrated village development is the key to the door of prosperity and happiness of the people of Bangladesh, for 90% of them live in villages. This process requires the introduction by the Government of a viable local and village government system for village administration and rural infrastructure development. Within such a facilitating environment local entrepreneurs and community leaders can improve the social and economic condition and quality of life. Akhtar Hamid Khan and Mahbub Alam Chashi had developed the Comilla Co-operative and co-operative based Shanirvar rural development approaches respectively. Many community leaders have followed their guidance and some of them have achieved outstanding success. Mohammad Yasin of Didar Co-operative, Comilla and Azizur Rahman Patwari of Panchagram, Chandpur are two innovative and successful community leaders. The story of Azizur Rahman Patwari's struggle, his failure and success has been narrated in this fascinating book. It is in fact a micro-history of rural Bangladesh in transition for the last fifty years. Originally written in Bangla, the book has run two editions and the third edition is about to be published shortly. Struggle of a Community Leader is a textbook of village development in Bangladesh.



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