The Japanese Strategy: Japan's Development Strategy as a Lesson or a Threat to Global Economic Order


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The Japanese Strategy: Japan's Development Strategy as a Lesson or a Threat to Global Economic Order
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The phenomenal economic development of Japan in the post World War II era has drawn the attention of the industrialized world. Through the 1960s and 1070s scholars and researchers carried out studies to discover what made Japan a phenomenal success, and then lists sixteen driving forces which led to this development. Economic planners, politicians and the industrial community everywhere watched as Japan emerged as a formidable force in the changed global economic order in the 1980’s. This book provides some insight into the reasons for Japan’s success. This insight is based on the author’s extensive study of the Japanese society and their industrial development. It attempts to answer whether Japan’s experience and strategy can be emulated by other countries of South and South-East Asia, or if that strategy has some elements of “threat” to our global economic order! Based on first-hand experience of the author who has lived in Japan for more than 25 years, the book also brings to light other non-economic factors such as their work ethics, social institutions and structure which have given Japan a very unique management system. This is an essential reference book for policy planners, economists and for students of Japanese affairs at universities. The business and industrial communities will find the book of special interest.



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