Zeena Choudhury

Zeena Choudhury was born in July 1939 in Calcutta. Her early educational years were spent at Loreto Convent Darjeeling from 1946 to 1956 and from where she passed her Senior Cambridge exams. When she married Faruq Choudhury, a diplomat, in 1959, she temporarily discontinued her studies. After Bangladesh’s Independence, she resumed her studies at London University in 1972 where she earned an honours degree in BSc Sociology. In 1980, she got her L. L. M. degree in International Law from Vrije Universiteit, Brussels On her husband’s retirement and return to Dhaka in 1991, she did several consultancies for UNICEF on the “Rights of Women” and the “Rights of Child”. In July 1996, she became the Principal and Owner of Kids Tutorial, an English medium school, founded by her mother Dr. Amina Rahman, in which capacity she is still occupied.

Books of the Author