Rana Haidar

Raana Haider has an MA in Sociology from, the American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon. The author's last book A Perspective in Development: Gender Focus was published by the University Press Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh in 1995. A second reprint of the book appears in 2000. An edition of the book was also published by the American University of Cairo Press, Cairo, Egypt in 1996. A life-long indefatigable traveller, Raana Haide's first sojourn to a foreign land was to Syria in 1950. As the daughter and wife of diplomats, travel and discovery are passionate occupations. Raana Haider is also a sociologist with research on her mind and there are places that have touched her heart. Her interests have come together in Parisian Portraits and China: Contrasting Contours. Her latest book is India: Beyond the Taj and the Raj. She currently resides in Dhaka.

Books of the Author