Ramendu Majumdar

Ramendu Majumdar (born 1941) studied English literature at the University of Dhaka. He made advertising and communication his profession and worked for about 50 years in Karachi, New Delhi, and Dhaka. Currently he heads one of the major communication agencies in Bangladesh. Theatre happens to be his lifelong passion. Besides acting and directing stage plays, he has been editing the quarterly magazine, Theatre since 1972. He was one of the founders of Theatre Drama Group, Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation, and Bangladesh Centre of the International Theatre Institute. He was a news presenter in Bangladesh Television and Radio Bangladesh. Ramendu Majumdar has got 29 publications (both original and edited) to his credit. A leading figure of Bangladesh culture, Ramendu Majumdar received the prestigious civilian state award of Bangladesh ‘Ekushey Padak’ in 2009 for his contribution to theatre. Bangla Academy has also awarded honorary Fellowship to him. He is married to Ferdausi Majumdar, a celebrated actor of Bangladesh. Their only daughter Tropa Majumdar is also an established actor and director.

Books of the Author