Noazesh Ahmed

Noazesh Ahmed received his Ph.D in Plant Genetics from the University of Wisconsin, USA. He was engaged in tea research for 10 years, then worked in Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and other Southeast Asian countries for many years as an agricultural adviser of the Asian Development Bank and FAO. At present, Dr. Ahmed is engaged in studying agro-environment and regional flora. He is a member of the American Society of Agronomy, Sigma Xi and Phi Sigma Society of USA. Dr. Ahmed has been honoured with the prestigious Bangladesh President Gold Medal for outstanding contribution in agriculture research and development. Noazesh Ahmed, a photographer of international repute, has participated in a number of distinguished photo exhibitions in North America, Europe and Japan and has published many highly acclaimed photo albums and essays in international journals. Most notables of these photo albums are: Bangladesh (1975), Portrait of Bangladesh (1985), Burma (1989), Quest for Reality (1996), and Gautama (in press). He has contributed photo/photo-essays in the Sunday Times (London), The Guardian, Focus (American Society of Geography), Bangkok Post, Hemisphere, Illustrated Weekly of India, and Far Eastern Economic Review. Aly Zaker, an eminent theatre personality of Bangladesh, is a noted photographer of nature and people. His photographs have been exhibited in the Royal Photographic Society in London of which he is a member.

Books of the Author