Rizia Rahman received the Bangla Academy Award, the top literary award in Bangladesh, in 1978. She has also won the Bangladesh Lekhika Shangha Gold Medal and the Ananya Literature Prize. She has been writing in various genres since the late sixties: novels, short stories, essays, literary criticism, belles-lettres, and juvenile fiction. Beginning with straightforward narratives, she has moved on to magic realism and multilayered structures. A committed writer, she explores important human issues in a sympathetic and engaging manner. Among her novels are Ghar-Bhanga-Ghar, Uttar Purush, Rakter Akshar, Bong Theke Bangla, Aranyer Kachhe, Ekti Phuler Janya, Shilay Shilay Agun, Harun Phereni, and He Manab Manabi. Rizia Rahman’s short stories have been published in several volumes, including Agniswakshara, Dure Kothao, and Nirbachita Galpa. Translations of her short stories have been anthologized in various publications at home and abroad.

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