Graham A N Wright

Graham A. N. Wright is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales, and holds a Master of Arts (with Honours) degree in Economics and Psychology. Over twelve years Graham Wright has provided technical assistance to a variety of microfinance service organisations in Bangladesh, the Philippines and throughout Africa. He helped develop, test and implement a self-sustaining rural savings and credit program for BURO, Tangail, now an influential Microfinance Institution in Bangladesh. He is now Senior Regional Microfinance Advisor for the UNDP/DFID-funded MicroSave-Africa programme, which promotes the development and implementation of savings facilities for the poor amongst MFIs. At the same time, Graham Wright serves on the CGAP Working Group on Savings Mobilization, and is co-ordinating an international programme of operations research to develop quality financial services for the poor and to optimise microfinance systems.