Anu Muhammad

Anu Muhammad, Professor of Economics, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Research interests include: globalization, state, social justice and transformation, gender, NGO and energy. Professor Muhammad had been visiting scholar in Columbia University, USA (1993) and Manitoba University, Canada (2001); taught a semester in Winnipeg University, Canada (2001), also visited Germany, Norway, Venezuela, Cuba, India, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines to attend seminars and conferences. He is the editor of Sarbojonkotha (public voices), a Bangla journal on socio-economic issues, published quarterly since November 2014. His published books include: Development or Destruction, Essays on Global Hegemony, Corporate Grabbing and Bangladesh; Bangladeshe Unnayan Shankat ebong NGO Model (Crisis of development and the NGO model in Bangladesh); Bangladesher Kotipoti, Madhyabitto O Sramik (Multimillionaires, middle class and workers); Dharma, Rashtra ebong Gonotantrik Andolon (Religion, state and democratic struggle); Nari, Purush O Samaj (Women, Men, and Society); Rashtra O Rajniti: Bangladesher Dui Doshok (State and politics: Two decades of Bangladesh); Atonker Somaj, Sontraser Arthiniti (Society of fear, economy of violence); Bangladesher Tel-Gas: Kar Sompod Kar Bipod (Oil and gas in Bangladesh: whose resource whose liability); Bishwayaner Boiporitya (Contrariety of globalization); Phulbari Kansat Garments; Amra 99% (We are 99%); Pujir Ontorgoto Probonota (Inherent trends of capital); Isshwor, Punji O Manush (God, capital and people), Unnoyoner Boiporitya (Contrariety of development).