Abdun Noor

Dr. Adun Noor is an international development expert, an author, a playwright and a novelist. He has devoted his entire professional life to foster economic and social development among the least developed countries of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean; 35 years of his career were spent at the World Bank at Washington DC. He has carried out development and learning initiatives for the Islamic Development Bank; European University of Peace; Austrian Study Center for Peace and Conflict Resolution, and for the Arab Bank for development of Africa. In his creative literary writings, he depicts core values of human endeavor, and portrays the journey of common people, whether residing in the Caribbean, Bangladesh, India, or USA to the universality of Faith. In this latest book, Dr. Noor articulates his submissions on Thy Names, outlining the attributes of One God, noted in Al-Qur’an as ‘Asmau’l Husna’. The munajat on ninety nine names is an expression of the author’s own understanding of the core social, cultural and spiritual values of Islam, which complements and sustains the epic values for all faiths. Dr. Abdun Noor currently is the coordinator of the Center for Managing Implementation of Development Programs (, which acts as a forum for enhancing development dialogue and learning. He lives with his wife in Potomac, Maryland.

Books of the Author

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