Abdul Wahhab

Abdul Wahhab, public servant, social worker, scholar and author was born in Comilla, Bangladesh. He did his Matriculation in 1924 from Kolkata University, and was the best among the Muslim students. In 1930 he did his Masters in Economics from Dhaka with high honours, being the best among Muslims. Having spent many years in the cadre of Bengal Civil Service, he retired in 1966 as a Deputy Commissioner of Excise. But his search for truth kept him busy until he passed away in 1990. As a dedicated social worker in Dhaka as well as his ancestral village, he established many schools, masjids, and orphanages. He was a founder member of the Aminbagh Jame Masjid of Chamelibag, Dhaka. Author of eight other books, his most notable contribution has been The Saint of Kolkata, in which he has captured glimpses from the illustrious life of Dadaji Maulana Safiullah (r). His single-minded initiative, and unstoppable diligence in collecting valuable data on the lives of both Dadaji (r) and Baray Bhaiyya (r) is reminiscent of the early sages of Islam who traveled to remote places of the Muslim world in order to collect, at times, a single piece of Hadith, or to sit at the feet of great Masters of Islam.

Books of the Author