Health and Illness During the Pandemic

Theory to Practice

Habib, Shah Ehsan, AU

Chapter |  09

Year of Publication  |  2024

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This chapter discusses the issues of health and illness during the pandemic period from theoretical and practical contexts. Infectious diseases are re-emerging as a public health threat in an increasingly globalized era. This chapter aims to give an insight into how Sociological concepts can explain the impacts of a pandemic. The author synthesized the evidence about Sociologists’ contributions to health and pandemic to an extent that usually goes unnoticed by us. The review shows that Sociologists have a significant role to play in our recovery from the pandemic, even though medical science has been at the forefront of the response to the pandemic itself. The analyses and insights Sociologists produce related to emerging health issues during the pandemic can generate support::aiding, directing, and focusing insights from the social sciences. Moreover, Sociologists have a critical role to play in making sure that relevant policymakers and stakeholders may participate in the decisions and choices that impact them and that the views of communities affected by a pandemic are heard in policy discussions.

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Habib, Shah Ehsan, AU. Health and Illness During the Pandemic: Theory to Practice. Society and Sociology in Bangladesh:  A South Asian Perspective. Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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