Contemporary Changes in Bangladesh Society

Ahmed, A. I. Mahbub Uddin, AU

Chapter |  03

Year of Publication  |  2024

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This chapter discusses the contemporary changes in Bangladesh society. The author argued that Bangladesh, born in the womb of neoliberalism, has witnessed a sea change in cultural politico-economic practices since its birth. The transformation, hitherto unknown in its thousand years of existence, has witnessed the hegemonic rule of a “vampire-like” dead labor (capital), who only “lives by sucking living labour, and lives the more, the more labour it sucks” (Marx, 1867: 224). This sea change is inextricably intertwined with the emergence of a new accumulation regime—accumulation by dispossession under neoliberalism (Harvey, 2005: 159). Like Keynes (1930: 126), the writer is inclined to state that Bangladesh has been slow to realize that we are living in the shadow of great economic and social catastrophes of its history, the working of which the writer does not understand. Against this structural backcloth, the main objective of this chapter is to (a) identify the direction of contemporary social change in Bangladesh, and (b) locate the causes for change. A historical-analytic method is used to collect secondary data involving official documents and content analysis.

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Nasir, Rasheda Irshad, Amanullah, ASM, AU. Prospects of Sociology at Dhaka University: Linking SDGs and Other National Development Agendas. Society and Sociology in Bangladesh:  A South Asian Perspective. Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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