Sociology of Development in Bangladesh

Discourses and Prospects

Islam, S. Aminul , AU

Chapter |  02

Year of Publication  |  2024

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This chapter discusses various discourses of sociology of development in Bangladesh. Sociology of development became an emerging field within Sociology in the 1960s as new nations began to appear within the global system punctuated by the Cold War. The author argues that the exploited and oppressed former colonies became the theater of poverty and underdevelopment, death, disease and political fragility. Social sciences set out to develop theories and paradigms to understand the dynamics of post-colonial societies or what became universally known as the Third World. The objective of this chapter is to encapsulate the progress achieved in this particular domain of knowledge under the constraints of historically entrenched, deep underdevelopment of a peripheral society like Bangladesh and the need for a new theoretical vision to revitalize the dying discourses of development sociology. Both underdevelopment and recent developmental spurts of the country make it a natural laboratory for making such an effort.

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Islam, S. Aminul, AU. Sociology of Development in Bangladesh: Discourses and Prospects. Society and Sociology in Bangladesh:  A South Asian Perspective. Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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