Rethinking the Agrarian Question for Bangladesh

In Search of a New Frontier

Kundu, Debasish Kumar, AU

Chapter |  16

Year of Publication  |  2024

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This chapter explores the recent agrarian question for Bangladesh. Why were peasant societies essential to study in sociology? How did sociology emphasize peasant studies? In this context, the author explores the dynamics of rural society and our striving for possible strategies to reach international standards in teaching and research. This chapter focuses on the nature of transformation in a peasant society in global and local literature by attempting a literature review. The author also explores the content and trends of peasant studies in global academia with a historical overview, and reviews the condition and research landscape upon which the emergence of peasant studies in Bangladesh was possible. Relying on global and local literature, this chapter follows some strategies based on what sociology can contribute to further development of peasant studies. The author also discusses the possible forms of collaboration with national and international partners and proposes a new manifesto for peasant studies in the age of the fourth industrial revolution in connection with SDGs. Finally, the concluding section of this chapter reflects on what would be the pertinent questions relating to prospects of peasant society in Bangladesh now and how these questions would be incorporated and translated into curricula and research to guide sustainable rural transformation.

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Kundu, Debasish Kumar, AU. Rethinking the Agrarian Question for Bangladesh: In Search of a New Frontier. Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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