Democracy, State, and Interest Groups in Bangladesh

A Political Sociology Perspective 

Uddin , A.K.M. Jamal, AU

Eyemoon, Israt Jahan

Chapter |  10

Year of Publication  |  2024

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This chapter discusses the democracy, state, and interest groups in Bangladesh from a political Sociology perspective. The authors argued that the democracy of a state should be characterized by high levels of political involvement, numerous political parties, a growing middle class, a dynamic civil society, and regular elections. Like many other countries, Bangladesh has been facing a crisis of democracy and democratic values. Though Bangladesh has made a global impression in terms of economic and developmental growth, the country still contains a violent political culture and an unstable administration beset by corruption and military autocracy. The chapter highlights the interrelationship among democracy, state, and vested interest groups in post-1990s Bangladesh. The focus of the chapter is to address the national and international trends and prospects of sociology on democracy and future academic research in these areas, strategies to reach international standards in teaching and research of nationalism and democracy, future activities to coordinate with the international arena, and support for national goals and interest.


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Uddin , A.K.M. Jamal, AU. Democracy, State, and Interest Groups in Bangladesh: A Political Sociology Perspective . Society and Sociology in Bangladesh:  A South Asian Perspective. Dhaka, Bangladesh.


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