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Pakistan: Failure in National Integration

By Rounaq Jahan (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: First Bangladesh Edition, 1994 No. of Pages: 242 Weight (kg): 0.5


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ROAD TO BANGLADESH SERIES is designed to present published accounts of the background to the emergence of Bangladesh. The Series showcases such a collection that, when put together, achieves a well-rounded narrative of the events of 1971. Books in the series should be an invaluable collection for those interested in South Asian affairs, particularly students and scholars of politics, history, development and social transformation.

This study was widely acclaimed as the first definitive analysis of the disintegration of Pakistan and the birth of Bangladesh. It presents a scholarly explanation of why the policies of the Pakistani ruling elites, especially the policies and institutional innovations of the Ayub regime (1958- 1968) which often seemed so promising to observers abroad, were in fact the prelude to the break up of Pakistan. The study shows that by emphasizing state building and economic growth and de-emphasizing nation building and development of political institutions, Ayub regime created a crisis in political management. The Pakistani ruling elites’ persistent refusal to allow democratic political institutions to function resulted in the exclusion of Bengalis from the national decision making process. The denial of their just claims led Bengalis to fight for initially autonomy and untimately independence.

The book, first published in 1972 by Columbia University Press, is being reprinted as part of UPL’s Road to Bangladesh series. It will be of use to the new generation of readers to refresh memories about the failed policies and politics of the Pakistan ruling elites and the vision of democratic and secular politics for which the nationalist struggle was waged in Bangladesh.


1. Introduction: the problem of national integration / 2. Background : east-west imbalance, 1947-58 / 3. The decade of Ayub (1958-68): an overview / 4. The regime’s attempt at nation-building through economic development / 5. Bureaucracy and nation-building / 6. The basic democracies and political parties / 7. The 1962 constitution and East Pakistani political movements / 8. Dilemmas of political development in Pakistan / epilog. The disintegration of Pakistan and the birth of Bangladesh

This book features in: Academic and Reference Books South Asian Studies History Bangladesh Liberation War

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