UPL primarily publishes educational books on social sciences. It is advised that writers should refer to our catalogue to have an idea of the types and standards of publication that we produce. Please note that UPL does not publish theses, unless the theses have been converted into a book form. Research work on the basis of thesis papers may also be considered.

Writers need to send us a proposal that will be evaluated by experts in the relevant field who are on our panel of reviewers.

This proposal should include:

  1. Short description of the manuscript or abstract
  2. Content list or outline
  3. A short biography of the author.
  4. introductory chapter (optional)
  5. a chapter as a sample (optional)


Once the proposal is approved in the primary stage, we generally communicate directly with the author about the manuscript.

Manuscript submission:

You may submit your manuscript to with the subject line “MANUSCRIPT SUBMISSION FOR REVIEW”

Review and feedback period:

We require eight (8) weeks to provide you feedback on your submitted manuscript.


Why UPL could not publish your book?

Only a small fraction of the large number of manuscripts received at UPL desk (
gets published by UPL. Due to the tremendous editorial pressure we cannot provide detail feedback on
the declined manuscripts. However, prospective authors are encouraged to be mindful about the
following aspects for which manuscripts might be declined:
* The manuscript is on a very specialized subject and the market for such material might be very
limited. Hence this project would not be commercially feasible.
* Due to an extraordinary backlog in review and publication of books, our editorial management
team is not able to consider this manuscript at the moment.
* The methodology and analysis presented in the manuscript is inadequate and/or the overall
disposition is not objective.
* If the manuscript is in the category of fiction, in spite of its good quality in many regards we are
unsure of its potential as a popular title to the readers.
* This book does not entail significant addition to the existing body of knowledge on the topic.
* If you have requested for publication of a compilation of op-ed articles, please note that UPL is
more interested to publish manuscripts written in the form of book.
* The manuscript in the published form is likely to attract legal responses in the form of libel.
It is possible that none of the above causes are applicable to your manuscript and UPL still declined its
publication. UPL is not obliged to explain the causes of declining a particular manuscript and reserves
every right to either publish or decline any manuscript.

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