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Strategic Adaptation Towards Water Crisis

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Importance of Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) has been felt more than ever for ensuring sustainability of water resources and environment as well as every individual’s reliable access to enough safe water. In the latest Assessment Report of Working Group II, the IPCC has mentioned that IWRM should be one of the key instrument to explore adaptation measures to climate change, although it is still in its infancy. The book intends to discuss how the policy approach of IWRM could be utilized and helpful in exploring and implementing measures to adapt to estimated climate change impacts on water resources and environment in Japan, China, Mekong River countries and Bangladesh with special focus on Shanghai City,  and Dhaka City.

Asian Mega cities are now aiming for IWRM as a new management water system, although this method has a limitation as a traditional Central Governmental method, new approach such as Public-Private Partnership (PPP) or Cooperation with Local Government for realizing the Water Security of Mega Cities should be examined.

The Bangladesh’s adaptation research in this project was carried out by BUET and CEGIS, and the Chinese adaptation research was done by East China Normal University, Tongji University, Zhejian University and Tsinghua University.

The research team with expertise in the fields of policy, planning and management related to Water, Environment and Urban areas have made valuable contribution to establish a new field of science “Sustainability Science” or “Strategic Adaptation towards Water Security.”

This book is the outcome of the Research Project on “Evaluation of Climate Change Impacts on Water Resources and Environment and Integrated Water Resource Management: the Cases from Mega Cities in Asia.” (Representative Researcher: Prof. Dr. NAKAGAMI Ken'ichi, Ritsumeikan University, Japan) funded by “JSPS Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research (‘Kaken-hi B’)” from the academic year of 2008-2011. This book is published under the Ritsumeikan University Academic Publication Program. The individual papers encompass Climate Change impacts on Water Environment, Water Security and IWRM in Urban Cities in Asia. This publication will have significant bearing from stand point of policy science and will also become a Milestone for Policy, Environment and Climate Change Science and Research in Asia.

Table of Contents


1. Water Resources and Environment Impact Caused by Climate Change and Strategic Adaptation / 2. Climate Change and Water Security in China / 3. Water Security and Management Towards Regional Sustainability – Lessons from Ground Water Management Practices in Asia / 4. Household Water Use in Mega Cities of China: Evidence From Statistics and Survey / 5. Adaptation To Climate Change In the Mekong River Basin Countries / 6. Prospects for International Cooperation on Water Safety to Construct Water Conservation City-Based on Comparative Studies Between Fukuoka City and Zhengzhou City, Henan, China / 7. Community-Based Water Supply Development: Case of West Java, Indonesia / 8. Integrative Fuzzy Hierarchical Model for River Health Assessment: A Case of Laoyao River on Chongming Island, China / 9. Occurrence and Fate of Emerging Organic Contaminants in Waste water from China / 10. Water Quality Monitoring of Water Resources Conservation Area in Shanghai / 11. The Effect of Abiotic Factors on The Accumulative Metal Contents of Benthos Sesarma Dehaani / 12. Potential Biological Toxicity Assessment on Heavy Metal Pollution in Surface Sediments Of Middle-Lower Reach of East Tiaoxi River / 13. Urban Water Security: Climate Change Adaptation and Management Challenges / 14. IWRM Based Urban Risk Reduction Framework For Climate Change Adaptation  / 15. Water Consumption and The Use of Water Efficient Appliances In Dhaka City / 16. The Effect of Abiotic Factors on The Accumulative Metal Contents of Benthos Sesarma Dehaani / 17. Wetland Management in Dhaka: Institutional Efforts and Associated Constraints / 18. Impacts of Climatic Change on Water Resources, their Implications and Responses in Bangladesh /  19. Alternative and Simple Technology for Water Treatment  /  20. Arsenic in Drinking Water: Mitigation Strategies for Sustainable Water Management In Bangladesh

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