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Staying the Course: Journey of A 'Bengali' Civilian

By Geof Wood (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: January 2023 No. of Pages: 430 Weight (kg): 1


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The author’s nearly 5 decades of association with Bangladesh recalls the dilemmas of being an academic immersed in the processes of development and change through many roles embracing pure research and the arenas of policy making and activism. Its purpose is to convey the complexities of engagement beyond the comfort of the written page. It explores the continuous interaction between his exposure to the lives of the poor across the country and those designing strategies for poverty alleviation, either as powerholders or via mobilisation to challenge such powerholders in terms of governance and respect for the poor. This book reveals how the author was pulled into these challenges and the associated tensions between political management and the freedoms pursued by civil society, entailing reflection upon the deep structures of the society. e author concludes by asking whether the fragility of institutions witnessed in Bangladesh helps his antennae to identify such fragility in his own society.

Introduction: Motivations and Feelings 1
Chapter 1
The Foundations
Comilla: Fieldwork and New Friends
A Sojourn in India and Returning to Anarchy
A Book and a Coup
Exploitation and the Rural Poor
Returning Home: Lecturing and Parenting
The BBC Interlude
Back in Bangladesh with the Family
Landlessness and Class
Discovering Gender
Chapter 2
Policy Engagement
The Absentee Option
The Era of Structural Adjustment
Landless Irrigation
Rennaisance Men
Attending the Durbar
Chapter 3
Engaging the Political Economy
Moving to Proshika—Back to the Narrative
A Few Days in Bhairab
Assessing the Pilot
Proshika’s Mission: Creating a Class for Itself
Chapter 4
Applying the Principles
Applying Landless Participation to Infrastructure: Meeting the Swedes
Target Groups and Labelling
A Culture Clash
A Sri Lanka Diversion
Chapter 5
Working Relationships
Proshika’s Leaders
Kurigram at Christmas
The Water-Sellers
Something Fishy Going on
A Bihar Interlude
Security and Concentric Circles of Moral Proximity
Faustian Bargains
Emic Agency and Etic Political Economy
Chapter 6
Being Strategic
Returning to Democracy?
Proshika’s Strategic Agenda and IDPAA
Whose Ideas, Whose Interests? Consolidation and New Horizons
Projects as Communities
An Interlude in Bhola: Don’t Blame the Messenger
Contesting Water
Another Interlude: This Time in Pakistan
Chapter 7
Developing Theories
Urban Livelihoods: Attempting Q-Squared Analysis
Two Conferences
Back at the Ranch
Who Needs Credit?
Taming the Leviathan
Faustian Bargain
Chapter 8
Engaging with Sovereignty
The Sundstroms: Bo and Sylvia
The Proshika Episode
A WED Interlude with Proshika
A Further Reflective Interlude: Expatriates in Bangladesh-Help or Hindrance?
The ‘Coup’ and During the Interim Government

Chapter 9

After Proshika: Poverty, Rights and Advocacy
Extreme Poverty: Meeting New
Colleagues and Friends
Distracting Pastimes
Proshika Again!
Contrasting Moderate and Extreme Poverty
Advocating for the Poor
Parallel Activities
Evidence to Policy
The Poverty of Methods: Can there be a Sovereignty of Understanding?

Chapter 10
Concluding: The Challenges of Post-Colonial Citizenship

Finally: An Epistemological Journey
Auto Bibliography of Bangladesh Related Writing 



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