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On Rights and Remedies - A Collection of Opinions

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: 1997 No. of Pages: 814 Weight (kg): 1.5


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This is a unique album of more than one hundred and seventy-five opinions on rights and remedies of the citizens of Bangladesh. The book deals with human rights under the constitution of Bangladesh and rights under the ordinary laws of the country. The prevalent practice of habeas corpus petitions and the court's obligation to protect and uphold a citizen's rights to life and personal liberty, citizenship of Bangladesh, rights to equality, freedom of association, freedom of expression, freedom of trade and business, parliamentary privileges, the doctrine of basic structure of the constitution, the remedies under the constitution, the rights of citizens in the service of the Republic and constitutionality and the scope of powers of the administrative tribunals, and the power of the highest court in the country to do complete justice are some of the few constitutional matters that will immediately attract reader's attraction. The book deals with the state's eminent domain, power to acquire property, property rights of an individual, rights of way, rights of pasturage, rights of preemption, rights and remedies of landlord and tenants, and licensees. The book contains some decisions on matters arising out of admiralty, company and taxation. Thee chapter an court's procedure and practice relates to injunction, rejection of the plaint, withdrawal of a suit, restoration of a case dismissed for default or decreed ex parte, power of revision, review and appeal. There are some decisions on how rights are extinguished and remedies are barred. On crime and criminal proceedings opinions will be found on culpable homicides amounting to murder, and those not amounting to murder, death sentence, traps in corruption cases, stay of a criminal case, and the accused's entitlement to be released on bail. The book also deals with questions of evidence, relative importance of secondary evidence, admission, statutory presumption, proofs as to parentage, interruption of documents, the prosecutor's burden to prove his guilt and the accused's burden to bring home his plea in defence. There are opinions on the citizen's rights to criticize court's decisions and the court's right to punish for contempt of court.

This book features in: Academic and Reference Books South Asian Studies Bangladesh Studies Law and Human Rights

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