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Money and Macroeconomics: Selected Topics from Bangladesh

By M. Faizul Islam (Editor) Rahim M. Quazi (Editor) Farida C. Khan (Editor)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

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Founded in 1987, Bangladesh Development Initiative (BDI) is a U.S.-based think tank of scholars and professionals engaged in the generation and dissemination of knowledge and policy prescriptions on a wide ranging development issues of Bangladesh. As part of its activities, BDI has been involved in the semi-annual publication of its peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary journal (Journal of Bangladesh Studies), publication of edited volumes and periodically holding conferences on development issues. The papers in this volume are those selected for publication from the fourth BDI conference held at the University of California-Berkeley on February 22-24, 2013. The theme of the conference was “Bridging the Policy-Action Divide: Challenges and Prospects for Bangladesh.” The conference was divided into several tracks, including one track devoted to economic issues. This volume specifically reflects that track and is a collection of nine papers on the Bangladesh economy that underwent a rigorous peer review.


1. Money Growth, Relative Food Prices and Inflation in Bangladesh: An Empirical Investigation with Monthly Data, 1972M1-2011M8> Introduction / Monetary Shocks and Relative Prices / Monetary Policy in Bangladesh / Data / Empirical Relations among Money, Output, Exchange Rates and Prices / Policy Implications of Empirical Findings and Concluding Remarks.

2. Modeling Inflation Behavior in Bangladesh: A Phillips Curve Approach> Introduction / Literature Review / Data Issues and Variable Definitions / Modeling Inflation Behavior and the Phillips Curve / Estimated Models and Analyses / Conclusions.

3. Output-Price Level Dynamics and Impact of Monetary Policy in Bangladesh> Introduction / Growth and Inflation in Bangladesh: Stylized Facts and Review of Related Literature / Targeting Low Inflation and Monetary Policy in Bangladesh / Estimation Methodology / Data / Research Findings / Conclusions

4. Relationship between Money Growth and Stock Prices in Bangladesh> Introduction / Literature Review / Methodology and Data Sources / Test Results and Discussion / Conclusions

5. Long-Run Determinants of Investment in Bangladesh> Introduction / Literature Review / Data and Methodology / Estimations and Results / Policy Implications of the Results / Conclusions

6. Do Patterns of Development and Macroeconomic Uncertainty Explain Bangladesh’s Savings and Investment Puzzle?> Introduction / Bangladesh’s Savings and Investment Puzzle / Differences in Patterns of Development / Does Macroeconomic Uncertainty Explain the Puzzle? / Policy Recommendations / Conclusions

7. Crop Choice as Climate Change Adaptation in Agriculture of Bangladesh: Policy Implications> Introduction / Literature Review / Theoretical Framework, Methodology and Data / Empirical Results / Policy Implications / Conclusions

8. EU-India Free Trade Agreement (FTA): Possible Impact on Bangladesh’s Exports> Introduction / Data and Methodology / Impact of EU-India FTA on Bangladeshi Exports / Policy Recommendations and Conclusions

9. The Performances and Challenges of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Projects in Bangladesh> Introduction / Literature Review / Overview of PPP Projects in Bangladesh / PPP Project Development Phases and Regulatory Framework in Bangladesh / Selected Case Studies of PPP Projects in Bangladesh / Problems of PPP Project Implementation in Bangladesh / Policy Recommendations / Conclusions

10. Impact of Microcredit on Rural Livelihood: A Case Study in Bangladesh> Issue / Literature Review / Objectives / Methodology / Data Analysis / Summary Findings and Conclusions

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