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Millennial Generation in Bangladesh: Their Life Strategies, Movement, and Identity Politics

By Kazuyo Minamide (Editor)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: March 2022 No. of Pages: 238 Weight (kg): 0.5


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The young generation born in the 1990s is now Bangladesh's largest population cohort and have shown significant potential to transform their society. Most of them were born twenty years after Bangladesh's independence in 1971 and have been the focus of development initiatives. They were intended to help the country's economic progress, and thereby have been the target of international aid, globalization, and Islamization. Furthermore, the 1990s generation, also known as "Millennials" globally, are exposed to and connected via the internet, mobile phone networks, and numerous social media platforms. The contributors in this book discuss life strategies, social movements, and identity politics of contemporary Bangladeshi youth, particularly in the urban contexts. How do they identify themselves in the social and national contexts and how the nation's framework could work for their life strategy? It also explores globalization and its many varied connotations in different socioeconomic classes.
The book can stimulate major discussion not only in Bangladesh studies but also in global studies on "youth and society." Ethnographic descriptions can also attract readers to understand the actual dynamic situations of youth in Bangladesh.
Introduction: The 1990s Generation and Social Change in Bangladesh 
Kazuyo Minamide
Chapter 1: Seeking New Life: The Temporary Urbanization of
Rural Migrating Youth   
Kazuyo Minamide
Chapter 2: Managing Urban Lives: Marriage and Employment
Among Working Class Young Women in Dhaka   
Bethany Jennings
Chapter 3: Career Strategies of Public University Students  
Siddiqur Rahman
Chapter 4: Negotiating Careers within Faith and Identity:
The Madrasa-educated Youth   
Humayun Kabir  
Chapter 5: Attending Halaqas: A Recent Trend Among Young
Urban Women       
Ainoon Nahar    
Chapter 6: Ethnicity, Ethnographic Imagination, and Identity
Construction of Mandi Youth in Dhaka    
Mahmudul H Sumon
Chapter 7: The Resistance Sociality of the Shahbag Movement:
The Role of Urban Youths as Online Activists   
Moiyen Zalal Chowdhury      
Chapter 8: The Burning of Youth: Identity and Pleasure in
Online Chatrooms     
Lotte Hoek

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