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Concepts of Medical Education

By Tahmina Begum (Author)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: May 2013 No. of Pages: 281 Weight (kg): 1


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The teaching is concerned with providing students with opportunities to learn. Teachers have profound responsibility to convey the art and science of current medical practice to the students and assess the students uniformly. In order to do so, the teacher must be aware of the principles of teaching and assessment.This book is written for medical teachers. All the contemporary issues in medical education, different educational strategies and various aspects of assessment are explored in this book. All teachers involved in teaching health care professionals will find useful this review of current developments in medical education.
Section 1: Curriculum
1. Curriculum development and planning
2. Educational objectives
3. Taxonomy of educational objectives
4. Integrated teaching
Section 2: Instruction
1. Instructional design
2. Media
3. Preparation and projection of OHP transparency
4. Preparation of slides for multi-media presentation
5. Study guide
6. Hand out
7. Typography
Section 3: Teaching learning
1. Principle of effective teaching and learning
2. Large group teaching
3. Small group method
4. Clinical teaching
5. Microteaching
Section 4: Educational strategies
1. Problem based learning
2. Task based learning
3. Competence based education and assessment
4. Independent learning
5. Student centered learning
6. Peer assisted learning
7. Life-long learning
8. Distance learning
9. Community-oriented medical education (COME)
10. Evidence based medicine
11. Simulation
Section 5: Current interest
1.  Continuing professional development
2. Staff development
3. Comprehensive professional development for medical faculty
4. Multi-professional education
5. Communication skills
6. Doctor-patient relationship
Section 1: Assessment
1. Principle of assessment
2. Methods of assessment
3. Characteristics of a good examination
Section 2: Written assessments
1. Written methods
2. Essay question
3. Modified essay question (MED)
4. Structured essay questions (SEQs)
5. Short answer questions (SAQ)
6. Short notes
7. Multiple choice questions (MCQs)
8. Patient management problems (PMPs)
Section 3: Performance assessment
1. Performance based assessment
2. Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)
3. The long case
4. Mini clinical evaluation exercise (Mini-CEX)
5. Profile assessment
6. Portfolios
7. Self assessment
8. Multi-source feedback (MSF)
9. Direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS)
Section 4: Oral Examination
1. Structured oral examination
Section 5: Evaluation
1. Monitoring and evaluation of training
2. Evaluation of skills and attitudes
3. Projects and dissertations
4. Student evaluation questionnaire
5. Evaluation of lecture and course
6. Evaluation of workshop

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