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Collected Works: Essays On Economic Policies, Inequality and Problems of Development (Volume II)

By Swadesh Ranjan Bose (Author) Jaseem Ahmed (Editor)

Publisher(s): The University Press Limited (UPL)   

First Published: 2011 No. of Pages: 598 Weight (kg): 1


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Volume II contains Swadesh Bose’s classic works on the consequences to Bangladesh of the Government of Pakistan that favored industrial development of West Pakistan at the expense of East Pakistan. Other subjects are the challenges to agriculture and poverty reduction in Bangladesh, monetary policy in post-liberation Bangladesh, the role of industrial policy and much more.


The Enduring Challenges: Agriculture and the Rural Development>

East-West Contrast Pakistan’s  Agriculture Development  / Some Basic Considerations on Agricultural Mechanisation in West Pakistan / The Cost of Draft Animal in West Pakistan / Extension Service, Education and Agricultural Development: A Review of International Experiences with Special Reference to Bangladesh /  The Comilla Co-operative Approach and Prospects for Broad-Based Green Revolution in Bangladesh / Labour Force and Employment in Pakistan, 1961-86: A Preliminary Analysis

Exchange Rate Politics and Labour Market>

Some Aspects of Unskilled Labour Markets for Civil Construction in India: Observations Based on Field Investigation / Exchange Rate Policies in Eastern and Southern Africa, 1965-1983

The Economy of Bangladesh: Initial Challenge>

State and Rural Society in Bangladesh: Review Article / Food grain Availability and Possibilities of Famine in Bangladesh / The Price Situation in Post-Liberation Bangladesh: A Preliminary Analysis

The Strategy of Unequal Economic Development>

Pakistan’s Development : The Role of Government and Private Enterprise / A Few Comments on Professor Huda’s  Conference Address: “Planning Experience in Pakistan” / The Pakistan Export Bonus Scheme / The Pakistan Economy Since Independence (1947-70)  

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